26 Mar 2014

Home or care? Pathways and outcomes for maltreated children in a multi-ethnic cohort

Professor Nina Biehal, Jim Wade and Linda Cusworth are starting a new research project looking at the outcomes of going into care, or staying at home with support, for children who have been maltreated. Many people assume that going into care can have negative consequences for children but too little is known about this. This study aims to find out whether being in care compounds the effects of children’s previous experiences of abuse and neglect or whether, instead, it can improve their wellbeing and life chances?

The Born in Bradford Cohort Study provides a  fantastic opportunity to investigate the effects of being in care on children's development in relation to the effects of abuse, neglect and family difficulties, because it provides information on children’s family circumstances before they entered care.

19 Mar 2014

How many working poor parents might be able to work more?

19 March 2014

Paul Gregg has written an interesting blog on working poverty https://smcpcommission.blog.gov.uk/2014/03/18/working-poverty-whats-going-on/
in which he suggests that the Universal Credit rules might be used to identify the working poor who might be expected to work more. The expectation in UC is that:

18 Mar 2014

Caroline Glendinning explaining Personal Health Budgets to Winifred Robinson on Radio 4's You & Yours programme

You & Yours, BBC Radio 4's consumer affairs programme, spoke to Professor Caroline Glendinning to explain Personal Health Budgets to listeners on Monday March 17th 2014. The recording included an account of a PHB in action from a parent who has found the process 'life changing' for his son.
you & yours monday 17th march 2014
Professor Glendinning was part of the first national evaluation of Personal Health Budgets which reported in 2012. She also led that IBSEN evaluation in 2008 which assessed the social care precursor to PHBs.

13 Mar 2014

Allocating resources to carers through carer grants

Invited presentation by Wendy Mitchell at the NIHR School for Social Care Research Annual Conference, London School of Economics, 8 April 2014.

7 Mar 2014

Dr. Michael Hirst and Gwyther Rees made Honorary Fellows of SPRU

photo of Michael Hisrt
SPRU is delighted that Dr Michael Hirst and Gwyther Rees have been confirmed as Honorary Fellows of the Unit by the University of York Senate.
Michael Hirst was part of SPRU from 1981 to 2008 and has maintained his research links with colleagues here, especially a long term partnership with Anne Corden on the stream of research into the financial consequences of bereavement. Musing on his new status as honorary fellow Michael says: